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How to Know Whether Your Marketing is Working

You’ve spent months drafting a plan. Countless hours strategizing. Hired a number of professionals to consult with your team. Outlined your budget and allocated it accordingly. There was a hiccup here and there but eventually, you launched your marketing campaign and executed it to completion. Your business has been operating with ups and downs as usual, so what’s next? How do you know if the time and energy was worth it?

What Type of Marketing Reaches New Clients the Most?

This is a trick question, but let’s write a post about it. The answer: It depends. 

Why You Should Spend More Time and Money on an E-newsletter

E-newsletters aren’t super sexy. A lot of Raleigh business owners and managers come to us asking...

Avoid This Type of Content on Social Media (and Here’s What to Post Instead)

Coming up with something to say on social media nearly every day feels like a challenge for many...

East Coast Marketing Conferences to Attend in 2019

Looking to improve your brand’s marketing? Or maybe you are making sure your marketing tactics are...

How to Find Online Images for Your Blog Post and Website — Legally

Not everyone has the budget or desire to hire photographers to fulfill their image needs. While we...

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