5 Types of Content You can Create for a COVID World

Content marketing, like everything else, has changed a bit since COVID-19 descended upon us. Although your business may be open or opening soon, things have changed. The messages you use, the way you interact with people, and yes, the content you create for your site will all be different. Google and other search engines have shifted their algorithms, and most companies can expect to see varying search results — even if they are open for business. 

Your new content plan should reflect these changes. Some of this content is marketing and related messages, but you’ll also need to address new content to help your customers navigate your business in this new world. Here are some types of content you might create or ways to change your current content. 

FAQ Pages 

Update your FAQ page if you haven’t already done so. Your customers may have questions about social distancing inside your business, changes to protocol, hours, and more. 

COVID Protocols 

Speaking of protocols, you may need a separate page on your website that outlines changes in how customers can behave. Depending on your business, that may mean masks are required or temperature checks. Or it might be the six-foot policy inside your store or just a list of how you’re keeping the place clean. This page provides one place to gather various Coronovirus-related information. 

Cleaning Instructions 

If you sell products, you may add cleaning instructions to the products if applicable. 

DIY Ideas

Although some people are starting to venture out as of this writing, plenty more remain home. DIY projects are helping people stay busy (and sane!). How might people DIY with your product or service? Create content around that to connect with those who want to support your business but prefer to remain socially distant. 

Video Content 

Video is already an excellent content marketing tool, but more so now than ever, as we’re all home watching more TV or streaming content. While you’ll definitely need to adjust your written content, you should also consider adding video to your website and social media pages. Your videos might be: 

  • A message from the team to say hello. Post it to social media to connect with your customers. 
  • Tips sharing your expertise about something related to your product or service or Coronavirus, if applicable. 
  • An explanation of changes in how customers might use your product or service while socially distant. 
  • Something fun or funny, depending on your brand, to lighten the mood. 

The types of videos you generate will vary depending on your business. A local physician can share advice as we start venturing out, while a shop owner might show off some new products coming to the online store. Brainstorm with your marketing team about the best approach for your company. For more video ideas, check out: 

Search Engine Optimization will continue to evolve, as it always has. The best thing you can do is stay current, keep generating content, and focus on ways to serve your customers.  

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