5 Ways to Make Your Print or Direct Mail Pieces Stand Out

Printed materials are still a useful marketing tool, whether it’s a piece of direct mail, some business cards, or a flier about your upcoming event. 

Standing out with such pieces is imperative — but not easy. You’re competing with everyone else who has a printer. With direct mail, it’s even more difficult because your piece is mixed in with coupons, campaign postcards, bills, and encouragement from the cable company. 

So how do you rise above? Here are five ways to make your message stand out: 

direct mail

Start with the right audience.

If you’re mailing something, define and target your demographic as best you can. Whom are you seeking? Homeowners? Apartment dwellers? The ZIP code near your business or near the event? Take a look at the options for targeting and choose carefully. 

If you’re putting a flier out there, consider where you’ll hang it or where you’ll stand to hand them out. Maybe you’re putting them under car windshields, and if so, that’s best in the parking lot of your business or nearby only. (Also, make sure the property owner won’t get grumpy about it!)

Less is more.

Less text that is. A flier or postcard is not where you explain every detail. You want to give people enough info, just enough so they can decide, attend, call, come by. Your postcard is not a blog post. 

Big and bold text.

Bigger isn’t always better. But for your postcard or flyer, you need to stand out. Start with your simple message and make it easy to read. If someone has to squint or dig out their reading glasses, they’re not going to bother. 

Include an offer they can’t refuse.

Not everyone is looking for a new dentist, needs your services, or is interested in your event. But your message will hit some people at the right time; now, make it easy for them to choose you. Offer a discount for signing up now, bringing in the coupon, or making the switch. Make it easy, too, by telling them how to sign up, register, set up, etc. Don’t just list a URL and expect them to figure it out. (Read 8 Success Secrets of a Direct Mail Campaign.)

Pay for good printing.

Die-cut postcards are going to get noticed more than a basic rectangle. If you want a rectangle, make it big, much bigger than a regular postcard. Explore types of paper, raised print, embossing. Anything you add is likely to stand out from among the junk mail. 

Do you have questions about print strategy and how to create effective messages? Contact us to start your next direct mail campaign or create stunning printed materials. 

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