QR Codes Are Back…Whether You Like Them or Not

Did you know that QR codes have been around for nearly 30 years? In fact, they were developed in 1994 by a subsidiary company of Toyota Motors to track motor parts. While they didn’t catch on the first time they came into the public view in 2011, QR codes have returned significantly.

QR codes became crucial during the pandemic, especially for restaurants that used them to provide contactless menus to customers. Many businesses standing at a crossroads amidst the COVID-19 virus realized the severity of losses caused for many, with many brick and mortar businesses facing closure during the pandemic - many of them permanently. Companies of all types were able to use QR codes to create contact-free communication opportunities and continue operating during a challenging time in history. 

The fact remains that QR codes are an exciting tool for quick responses and can complement your email and other marketing campaigns in so many ways. By including QR codes in their marketing strategy, businesses can quickly and easily direct consumers to the exact content they want at a particular time for a specific reason. 

How Does This “QR” Doodad Thingy Work?

Since we are all on our phones, QR codes have become easy for merchants to engage in multichannel marketing to entertain customers with online promotion strategies. QR codes facilitate touchless communication for businesses, non-profit organizations, municipalities, and venues. They can effectively integrate with your current business model from mobile to website and brick-and-mortar campaigns, creating versatility for any business use. 

QR codes simply imbed a URL within a scannable graphic. Customers and clients can use their cell phone cameras to scan the code and a link to the targeted content is provided. We have used them as floor stickers at events to direct conference-goers to a specific promotional website landing page. Many restaurant owners use them on stickers or postcards at restaurant tables to link to menus. Use them on window clings to provide store hours, other locations, and more at your storefront.  Obviously, you don’t want to use QR codes on mobile sites, since you can use your phone to…scan your phone.  But when you have a lot of information to provide quickly, or when that information frequently changes (like a restaurant menu), QR codes are a perfect solution.  You simply change the content on the site and the QR code stays the same.  

With many turning to this once almost forgotten technology to integrate with their online marketing, businesses continue building revenue streams by approaching markets using innovative techniques. While the technology may have been in existence since 1994, its significance to online marketing for businesses, mainly through the pandemic, is renewed. 

The DofM has the tools and the knowledge to guide your business to marketing success, including creating customized, branded QR codes. All you have to do is contact us, and we’ll do the rest.

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