Fishing for Leads: Creating Conversions Through Online Messaging Efforts

Many businesses know that forward-facing messaging is key for potential clients and customers if you have an online business. However, with every company promoting itself, there comes a call-to-action, or CTA, to “buy this” or “click here.” If your messaging isn’t on-point, you may miss out on optimizing engagement from viewers and creating a more significant opportunity for bringing new customers to your business.

Since the introduction of the internet, people have discovered ways to promote themselves through content. This goes double for businesses; nowadays, it seems like there are thousands of companies advertising and promoting their products or services through all forms of platforms, social media, newsfeeds…you name it.


Google defines conversions as actions that are “counted when someone interacts with your ad or free product listing.” Some examples of CTAs include:

Opportunity by the Numbers

Metrics can be collected and analyzed from CTAs through engagement when someone clicks those links. These metrics could include these pieces of information:

  • Geographics - Knowing what people are clicking and where they’re from can help you focus on building business locally and can help you broaden your reach as your business grows.
  • Demographics - Building information based on who, what, and how old your engagements are can help you focus on marketing to the right people for your business.
  • Link Engagement - Engagement on specific links and pages can let you know what your potential customers are searching for, particularly the particular items or services you provide to the public.
  • Contact information - Potential customers interested in your business could enter information to inquire more about your products or services, subscribe to your blogs or newsletters using their email address, 

Where’s the Fishing Hole?

When it comes to gaining leads to convert, think of it like fishing. Finding the right spot, using the right equipment and methods to reach the optimal amount of fish, and having a little patience, may provide fruit from your efforts.

Coming up with strategies to create conversions through online messaging is no different. Using the right combination of messaging through content, casting nets within high potential markets, and having patience with your efforts is key to granting yourself the most excellent chances of gaining leads and, ultimately, customers.

Master Baiters

Creating content, generating leads, and marketing to the right audience takes skill, experience, and patience. Building strategy for campaigns takes a level of expertise that The DofM is fully equipped with to assist in your online success.

And, so that we aren’t repeating ourselves with the same call to action, if you want to know more about us and our services, scroll back to the CTA section of “Conversions” and click all of our links to get in touch with us.

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