10 Tips for Improving PPC Ad Conversion

Pay-per-click (PPC) advertisements are online ads that prompt users to click on them, which then transfers them to a new website. PPC ads are helpful for marketing teams, as they can tell how effective an ad is by measuring its conversion rate. As a marketing professional, it's helpful to learn more about the PPC ad process, as it can help you generate unique ideas about how to increase conversion rates.

What Is PPC Ad Conversion?

PPC ad conversion describes the rate at which users click on online advertisements that direct them to an organization's website. Having a higher PPC conversion rate means that the advertisements you create are effective at incentivizing users to visit your website to learn or do more, which is great for your company. Understanding how to use PPC marketing effectively is important, as 90% of people using the internet see Google advertisements.

10 Tips for Improving PPC Ad Conversion

Here are some tips to improve PPC ad conversion rates:

  1. Write a clear headline for the landing page

Once someone clicks on a PPC ad, being taken to a clear and simple landing page can convince them to stay on your website and explore. Try to have a visible company name and an organized menu on the landing page in order to foster easy navigation to whatever it is you want the visitor to do.

  1. Use a clear call to action

It's helpful for your PPC advertising to have a clear call to action. You can use phrases such as "learn more," "buy now" or "get started." Be creative but clear in your call to action. 

  1. Ensure fast load times

Ensure that after a user clicks on your ad, they don't have to wait too long to redirect to the landing page. If they have to wait, they may exit the ad before reaching the website. When we say that users don't want to wait "too long" we mean more than one second — load times are critical for conversion. Test load times on a variety of browsers, desktop and mobile.

  1. Know your stats before and after optimization

Knowing your PPC ad conversion stats before you start an optimization strategy can help you determine the effectiveness of your efforts afterwards. Keep track of how your conversion rates change to track your progress.

  1. Keep your ad quality high

Making sure your PPC advertising is high quality can attract more users. Consumers see lots of ads on a daily basis, so having high quality and aesthetically pleasing ads can help catch their attention.  Images that contain human faces, children, and animals statistically perform well.  Minimize text within the image of your ad.

  1. Use urgent language

Use action verbs in present tense to help create a sense of urgency and generate more clicks. You might also incorporate animated elements such as flashing words or stickers to get users' attention.

  1. Provide clear instructions

Provide clear instructions in your ad so that users understand immediately what you want them to do. 

  1. Target competitor keywords

Learn about the keywords your company's competitors are targeting and use them in your advertisements. This may help draw business away from your competitors and to your own.

  1. Include keywords, even negative ones

Include keywords that can lead consumers to your ad. It's also helpful to include negative keywords, which exclude your ads from certain searches.  For example, if you're selling eye glasses, negative keywords might include "drinking glasses" or "wine glasses." 

  1. Re-target consumers

Program your ads to re-target consumers who have previously visited your company's website. This may generate more sales and persuade consumers who already showed interest in your business to return.

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