Amateur vs. Professional Video

Video content is just about everywhere you look, whether you're watching TV or surfing the internet. Social media marketing and other digital campaigns incorporate video to boost engagement and encourage viewers to share content with their friends. When you're just starting out creating your own videos, you may wonder what differentiates an amateur result from a professional one. This guide breaks down amateur versus professional video and how to improve your own video quality.

Capturing the Right Shots

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When you look around, you might notice interesting things that are worth filming for your videos. A beautiful sunrise could serve as a backdrop or set up a scene, while the sun setting over a mountain might be useful when closing your video. But one of the key differentiators between amateurs and professionals is capturing shots effectively. The camera placement and shot angle play a major role in the final product. Professional videographers often spend years developing their ability to capture shots that look appealing and tell a story in the most compelling way possible.

The vantage point from which you shoot a video makes a big difference in what it conveys to the viewer. This refers to the viewpoint from which you capture an image and can range from extremely high to extremely low and everywhere in between. Your vantage point impacts the narrative, angles, and composition of your final product. An eye-level vantage point makes the viewer feel like the subject is telling the truth, while an image taken from above might convey power over the subject. When shooting video, it's important to consider your shots and how to improve them.

Video Equipment 

Another key factor in professional videos is the equipment used to film them. A professional videographer typically has access to the newest technology, while an amateur might be shooting video on their mobile device or a camera that lacks important features. Even a high-end iPhone simply can't compete with the quality delivered by a mirrorless camera or DSLR.

Recording Space 

The space you use to record your videos determines the quality of the final product. Although shooting in a home studio might make you seem more relatable to your viewers, people simply don't want to watch poor-quality video content anymore.  If it's unprofessional, it probably makes you look unprofessional. When you're not in a space that's set up with video production in mind, it's nearly impossible to achieve the professional results that will truly make you look like a star. 

The Department of Marketing offers access to large, professional studios for those making videos for all purposes. Whether starting out as a new YouTuber or marketing your business, you simply can't afford to release videos that don't appeal to your target audience. We can connect you with spacious studios that offer fully customizable set lighting and wireless sound equipment to ensure the best quality. You can even use a 20-foot curved green screen, introduce live graphics, and utilize remote connections to bring others into your shots from anywhere in the world.

When you want the best video quality, rely on The Department of Marketing to connect you with professionals who provide access to top-notch equipment and recording studios designed for videos. You'll be amazed at the results and proud to share your video content on YouTube, your professional website, on social media, and through other platforms.


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