Engage: 5 Ways to Use Video

It is easy to create a generic video about your company and post it on your YouTube page, but there are so many more exciting ways to use video in your marketing strategy. Video is compelling and can easily spread through the web, making it a great way to get your brand name out there. Check out these five types of video you can create to engage your current customers, and add to your current client base.

1. Customer Testimonials
Customer reviews are trusted over any other type of marketing, so why not translate those reviews into video? Testimonials can be very convincing, especially when your audience can see a real customer talking right on their computer screen. Many of your valuable clients would be willing to say a few nice words or share their success stories on camera, especially if you record videos right at your retail location. If you don’t have a physical store, you can always turn to social media or email to ask your customers for reviews. This is a very powerful form of video marketing that is sure to bring in a few new customers.

This video is an example of a “commercial” type approach.

2. Behind the Scenes
This is a great way to give your brand a personality, and a human face. Customers want to know they aren’t just buying a product or a service, but that there are real, relatable people behind the brand. There are many different ways to take your customers behind the scenes. Create a “day in the life” scenario, interview staff or owners, or do a tour of your facilities. You could even take it one step further and show how your business helps the community through service, donations, or advocating for a cause. Showing your customers a side of your business they don’t usually see will create exciting and enticing video content.

3. Visual Stories
Sometimes these types of videos are called “explainers” because they do just that: they explain. These videos provide illustrations or animations with a voiceover, explaining your complex product or service. Video allows you to talk directly to your customer, while also relying on visual aids to help explain the concept further. This can help you share boring or confusing information in an exciting way, while also telling customers a little more about your brand.

4. Product Demonstrations/How-to Videos
Product demonstrations are great for capturing potential clients or educating existing ones. Product videos allow you to show people exactly what they are about to buy and exactly how that product will make their life better. It shows customers a real, tangible product that could be theirs, which just brings them one step closer to the purchase decision. It also engages clients that have your product, and can even show them a different way to use your product. Creating a how-to video teaches your audience something new, and allows them to see your product in action, which is a powerful selling tool.

5. Educate Beyond Your Brand
Telling people how your product works or showing your services in action is great video content, but you have to remember not to make all your marketing efforts about you. People love to learn new things, so why not provide them with videos that are relevant and helpful in their everyday life?

Think about incorporating videos with ideas or information that is related and complementary to your product or service. For example, if you own a pet grooming business you could put together a short dog training hints video. Or, if you own a bookstore, you could do book reviews and talk about your top picks. These types of videos are so powerful because they add value to the consumer’s life, and they keep customers coming back for more great advice! Think outside the box; the possibilities are endless!

Bonus Tip: Share
Video is a simple, engaging way to reach your customers and provide a more personal side to your brand. Videos are great because they are easy to share and spread, so don’t limit your videos to just YouTube. Embed a video in an email, post it on your social media sites, or incorporate it into your website. Using video in lots of different ways is sure to grab the attention of your current audience, and expand your customer base!

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