What is an E-newsletter, and Why Should Your Business Have One?

Marketing: the endless components and moving parts can make it a bit difficult to decide where to spend your money. You might be thinking that social media is the end-all-be-all in today’s age, and don’t get me wrong; it is crucial. But there is another medium that has displayed large success rates in the past and still today: Email Marketing! 

What is an eNewsletter?

An e-newsletter (referred to as “newsletter” for the rest of this post) is a personalized graphic, complete with links, photos, and useful or pertinent information about your company, sent through email. (Of course, we used to send paper versions.) 

Newsletters come with several perks, including control, return on investment, and visibility. One of the main goals of sending a newsletter is to maintain contact, and it does just that. In fact, we advise you to spend more effort on your newsletter than you do on social media. 

Not every person will click through the links, let alone open the email, but still, lead generation from newsletters is on the rise. Studies show time and again that people prefer to hear from companies and brands via email versus other methods. 

If you’re not already sending a newsletter once or twice a month, it is time to start, and the DofM team is here to help.

What Kind of Content Belongs in Newsletters?

The fun part about newsletters is that they allow for personalization while helping to build the company’s voice. There isn’t a perfect formula, but staying professional while still showing personality has been successful for many clients. 

Many newsletters we construct at The DofM include a partner message, specials or deals, links to blog posts or news, or any other news-worthy event surrounding the company or industry. However, if your business model is more silly or serious, your newsletter will be created to reflect your unique brand and voice. 

COVID-19 has provided plenty of reasons to send a regular newsletter. Your business may be changing its hours, pivoting, adding or subtracting services. Stay in touch with your fans so they can stick with you. 

How Do You Send a Newsletter? 

You can use one of many software applications to create and send newsletters, including MailChimp, iContact, Constant Contact, and ActiveCampaign. If your company uses a CRM, it can send a newsletter. 

If your business is interested in implementing a newsletter into your marketing plan, you’ll need to set up an account with one of the platforms. While this platform comes with a monthly fee, the return on investment is well worth the price. Investigate several options to see which one fits; they all have pros and cons.

Not into graphic design? We will handle that part. Our graphic design team creates custom graphics to accompany the newsletter, grabbing the attention of users. We want to help your vision come to life, and if you don’t have something in mind, leave it to us!

Read more about the right way to build your email list. If you are interested in implementing this marketing strategy for your business, contact us.

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