Why You, Dear Marketing Director, Should Work with a Raleigh Marketing Agency

Dear Marketing Director,

You’re so busy right now! Then again … you felt this way last week. And the week before … And the month before that. So many things to do all the time! You’ve got the new website launched (finally!) but now it’s time to update the sales pieces, rewrite the drip campaign emails, and consider your next blog post. Did you place the order for T-shirts for that company event? Are you ready for the trade show next month?


Marketing directors have a lot to do at smaller and mid-sized companies. In some cases, you have a team. But sometimes you don’t; it’s just you and one or two others.

Deep breath. We get it!

We’re often asked why a marketing director might care about a Raleigh marketing agency. People assume if you’re the “director,” you have a team and you’re overseeing their work. But sometimes, it’s just you and one or two others managing internal and external communications, marketing messages, emails, brochures, events, and, well, everything.

How a Marketing Agency Can Help

That’s why we love to become people’s “department of marketing.” OK, we know it’s a silly name, sort of, but it’s why we got started. Our leaders have been there. While you are the expert strategist for your company, you’re going to need help with online marketing design, printing, writing, and more. (Check out these amazing stats about SEO and relevancy; we can help you get there!)

• We’re your sounding board for strategy; we can suggest ideas.
• We can serve as a gatekeeper, investigating possible marketing and sales programs and solutions (those pesky emails you get) so you can focus on your work.
• Our team helps you create beautiful campaigns, from writing and graphic design to placement. Through Web Design and more!
• Most of all, we can help you check off that lengthy to-do list — all for a lot less than the cost of an internal hire.

Sure, this letter is self-serving. But lately, we keep meeting marketing directors who feel overwhelmed with work and aren’t sure what to do. Your board or boss says he/she can’t hire anyone else to help. Maybe you never thought about a marketing agency as an option to fill in the gaps.

Maybe it’s time.

If you’re overwhelmed, contact us for our “faucet” of services: turn it on just a little with one or two items or go full blast with all of our services.

Jennifer, George, and Team

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