Up and Coming Apps for your Business

There’s an app for just about anything; from cars to dog food. It’s a new movement, and apps are making tasks and errands way easier. Business apps might just save you and your company from hassle and stress. Accounting, communications, finance, time management, organization and payment apps should be incorporated into your business processes. Here are some apps that may make your work life easier:

Finance and Accounting

  • Clarity: Allows you to see exactly where your money is spent and shows categories so you can budget. Another feature includes a link to all your bank accounts, credit cards, savings, loans, etc.
  • Gusto: Manages the company’s payroll, federal taxes, and benefits processes.
  • QuickBooks: Presents all financial aspects of your company. Tracks sales, expenses, profit reports, payroll, taxes, and allows you to upload photos or receipts.


  • Peptalk: Provides daily motivation to users. Contains inspirational speakers and diverse playlists for any situation.
  • Fuze: Video-conferencing app for all devices, with high-definition image and clear audio.
  • Slack: A messaging app that allows you to send direct messages, private or public channels, group chats, and
  • Easy access to PDFs or images.
  • MailChimp: Create mailing lists, customize email templates, and receive performance reports for every email.

Time Management and Organization

  • Mind Meister: Organizes your thoughts into a web map that you can share with others.
  • Rescue Time: Displays how much time you spend online and categorizes the usage. It also has a reminder feature.
  • Proven: Organizes your hiring process. Manages applications and sends out job listings to various sites.
  • Boxmeup: Tracks packages and containers. Prints QR labels; when scanned, a list of your items appears.


  • PayPal: Allows businesses to use PayPal’s card reader to a smart device to create a portable register.

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