What is Website UI/UX and Why Does It Matter?

Website UI and website UX refer to both the visual elements of a website and the user's experience with the site overall. These are important factors to consider when designing your website so that it's functional and accessible. Great website UI and UX can increase traffic to your website and help it (and you) to be successful.

What is website UI?

Website user interface (UI) describes the interactive and cosmetic design elements on a webpage. This includes buttons, menus, and graphics that prompt users to "stay and play."  Website UI is a specialty within website design. The primary goal of website UI is to woo site visitors to stay on the site and to explore further (this is also known as reducing bounce). This can help shape a user's opinion of your brand online and encourage further interaction.

What is website UX?

UX is an acronym for user experience. This applies to your interaction with a product, such as interactive media or an internet application. It's important for websites to provide a positive user experience by being highly functional and intuitive. There are many design techniques you can use to ensure successful website UX, including prototyping, enhancing accessibility, and using functional minimalism. Functional minimalism refers to using a simple layout with few elements and visuals on a webpage. By including only the essentials, your website may become easier to navigate.

Why do UI and UX matter?

Website UI and UX are important because they both improve the end users' experience and relationship with your brand. When businesses have a more functional and aesthetically pleasing website, it can often shape consumers' opinions of them. It also may affect the consumer's willingness to use or interact with your business not only online but "in real life."  Here are some tips you might consider to help optimize your business' UI and UX:

Test functionality

When designing a website or preparing for a website launch or update, it's important to test for functionality. An ineffectual website may actually discourage business growth and recognition. Before officially launching a website, test each feature to make sure that every design element has a functional purpose, works as intended, and has an optimal reaction speed. It's also helpful to have web support professionals on call who can respond to any website errors or bugs that the business may face after launching the website.

Study design trends

Studying website design trends can help you decide aesthetic choices for your business' website. Following popular website trends may help your team create a website that more users can appreciate. This can be especially helpful when deciding how to incorporate company colors, logos, and interactive features.

Include Graphics

It's important to include graphic elements on your website. This includes photos, drop-down menu options, videos, and more. When including graphics, ensure that you don't overdo it, as this can make your website more difficult to navigate. Think in terms of functional beauty.  If a hero image slows load times and users bounce off the site due to impatience, then no matter how awesome that image is, it is working against your site's success.

Having a functional and well-designed website can help users access your business' services and products efficiently.  Done properly, a great website can solidify consumers' positive impression of your brand and ultimately increase revenues. An effective website is often crucial to the success of both online and offline marketing campaigns. For more information on optimizing your company's website design, contact us at The Department of Marketing. We can audit your existing site, make recommendations, and implement UI and UX improvements to help place you above your competitors.  "Market to make it"! 

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