Why It’s (Past) Time to Make Your Website Responsive

Your website is one of the most important marketing tools for your business. Yet millions of business owners are losing out every single day by maintaining an old site.

And by old, we mean just a few years old. In Internet time, that’s a grandfather.

If the Department of Marketing is in charge of your SEO (search engine optimization), you’ve heard us talk about changing your website so that it’s responsive instead of having a separate mobile site.

The difference? Responsive sites are the same website that is coded to appear differently based on the device someone is using. A mobile site is actually a separate website where mobile device users are directed when they type in your URL.

Here’s why we want you to change: Google, the tzar of search engines, prefers responsive websites. Back in the day, marketing firms created a website for desktop computer users and a separate mobile site for smartphones and other devices. As far back as 2014, it was not bad to have a mobile version, though responsive was better.

Now, Google tells us responsive or ELSE. The or else part is bad: they’ll slowly start dropping your rankings on search results pages. This is information they share with developers and it’s their way of encouraging best practices.

In the two years since this shift, our SEO managers have seen clients with mobile sites experience a drop in rankings. This is clearly evident when you compare those clients with their competitors who have responsive websites.

We know creating a new website is time and money you don’t always want to spend, especially every few years. But we also want to see our clients rank well and generate new business. These days, that means listening when Google speaks. So if you hear from us that it’s time for a new website, please don’t kill the messenger.

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