Building and Maintaining a Strong Brand

Building a strong brand is vital to selling any product or service. The goal is for your customers to think of your company first when making a purchasing decision. Brands have a special way of defining who your company is and how you can best serve your customers. A lot of our clients ask about building a brand and whether it really matters. Here are some things to know. 

Developing a brand takes time.

Want to see how strong your brand currently is? Think about these three main points:

  1. Who is your company? 
  2. How does your company meet the needs of your customers? 
  3. What makes you different from the competition? 

Combined, these answers should make up the meaning of your company. You can measure the strength of your brand by determining how much your products or services show these points. 

Why build a strong brand?

To create brand equity or value for your customers. By being able to answer to their specific wants and needs, your company will continue to gain profits and excel in your industry. A brand consists of multiple building blocks shown in the pyramid below. It is important that you satisfy the bottom of the pyramid in order to reach the top.

Tips For Improving Your Brand

1. Make It Visual 

Customers create stronger associations with a company when there is a visual with it. Examine your company logo, website — even your office. Does anything need to be updated? Is it visually appealing? Is your brand easily recognizable? 


2. Build Brand Values 

Brand equity or the value that your company brings to customers is very important. In a similar way, it is important for your company to have set values that shine through your everyday work. If you already have strong values built within the company, find a way to showcase those in order to inform your customers. By placing these values on your website, in your logo, or on other marketing materials, they are more easily communicated. Customers want to see the values that make up the foundation of your products and services. 


3. Community Involvement

 Going hand in hand with values, your community is a valuable asset for your customers. There are many potential customers located in your community that you have yet to reach. By getting your brand out in the community, you can gain new customers. Go to festivals and have a table, sponsor fundraisers, attend community events, and find volunteer opportunities. Get involved with your community, and your community will do the same with you! 


If you have any questions about how to strengthen your brand or you need some help, we are here to help build your brand. Contact us today!

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