Why You Should Market your Dental Office on Facebook

If you are a dentist, you might be wondering which kinds of marketing will be useful for your business. Dental offices typically take a different marketing approach than other types of business, but it is helpful for any company to have a presence on social media. There are so many different kinds of marketing that would be beneficial for your office, but in this post, we will talk about the app with 2.27 billion active users: Facebook. 

Why Should your Dental Office have a Facebook Page?

As a Dental Office owner or manager, you might be hesitant to create a Facebook page for your business. Maybe you heard it wasn’t appropriate for your business or a waste of time? We disagree! Having a Facebook page is just one more way for potential customers to find you, and it is entirely free. Your Facebook page can include your address, contact information, plus photos and posts. In our experience, customers love to see fun and exciting content from a more serious business because it lets them see a more personal side and allows them to “get to know you” in a sense. 

Having a Facebook page can only help your business, but you might not have time to manage it. Your dental marketing agency can step in, create and post content, answer messages, and make your page stand out. 

What Should Dental Offices Post? 

We recommend keeping posts somewhat professional yet light-hearted. You don’t want your page to be full of self-advertisements. Instead, your posts could include office news, informational graphics or text, sharing industry news, and even birthday and holiday posts. 

However, many dentists err on the side of not enough personal or fun things. We end up sharing a lot of the same tips about oral health because the hygienists and staff don’t want to be pictured. While we understand feeling shy or reservations about not appearing on your business social media page, the dentists who succeed and stand out on social are those who are genuinely social. You might nominate at least one or two people in the office who feel comfortable showing up on camera.  

It is also essential to interact with followers. Customers will stop engaging if they never hear anything back from you, so be sure to decide who will keep an eye on it, whether it’s a member of your team or ours.  

Facebook Ads

Another great way to market your office on Facebook is through paid ads and post boosts. Facebook has to make money, and it’s now a lot harder to gain traction on the site without at least some payments. The good news is that such ads are inexpensive compared to a lot of advertising. You can target your audience based on location, demographics, and even use your email list to find similar people. 

With ads, you are paying for your posts to appear on the user’s news feeds. This exposure is beneficial and creates awareness for your brand. Even if the user doesn’t interact with the ad, your name will be fresh in their mind the next time they need to make a dental appointment. Contact us to discuss if Facebook Ads will help your business.

Whether your dental office already has a Facebook page, and you need help with content, Facebook ads, or you want to start from scratch, contact our office to chat. 

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